Parenting and student (Youth) Employment

Healthy Home Lifestyle (Intergenerational Career Program)


About Us
We are a care, wellness, rehabilitative, and support service organization. We provide employment opportunities to youth and parents. We sell self-care, wellness, and medical supplies products to improve the lifestyle of youth and families. We promote care, wellness, rehabilitation, and confidence, provide convenience, and continuity of care to allow remote monitoring services.

We at Precious First Step work to measure our impact by requesting employees to engage their time to the organization. We give back by assisting and meeting the needs of our clients through food, education, employment, housing, etc.

We work with struggling or disabled youth or parents to train or promote a healthy home lifestyle by managing and planning career development activities. The activities include meal plans, designs, video production, editing and marketing, teaching, care management, etc. We work with families, parents, and community leaders to provide college preparatory services and job placement for youth in our community.

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