Parenting and student (Youth) Employment

Healthy Home Lifestyle (Intergenerational Career Program)

 There is nothing more frustrating than having challenges to improve your life. When you feel like you could have done better to fix your life (your weight, dressing, employment, learning challenges, employment, home improvement, etc). In this post we will give you some tips for improving your life. Keep reading to learn more.

Precious First Step Aims to provide tools that youth and families need to be on the road to stability. Our vision is to bridge the academic and income gaps for youth and family in the community. We seek to help the underserved. Precious First Step encourages economic independence. We aim to help “at-risk” and underserved YOUTH, families, children, and homeless individuals.

Parents AND STUDENT (YOUTH)Employment Network (bridging the cost of living gap)

Bridge the Cost of Living Gap

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Are you an unemployed parent or student (youth) who want to work in a childcare setting? Are you ready to Start your own Childcare Business? We manage and plan ways to access education, employment and housing. Sponsor care (child / senior care). We serve youth, college students, etc.